Education Kit

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The kit has been developed for use by teachers to enhance their students’ theatre experience of NORTH WEST OF NOWHERE. The learning activities are designed to establish explicit links with their own curriculum and classroom learning outcomes.

Inevitably, there will be a diverse range of student (and teacher!) experiences with theatre, however the inherent flexibility in the activities are designed to engage all levels. Seven Tasks have been developed to be delivered both before and after the performance. These exercises were developed in consultation with ILBIJERRI staff and are aimed at maximising students’ creative development within their classroom learning.

Indigenous Australians share and learn culture orally, just as it is recognised that people learn and think in different ways. The activities are designed using different methods of delivery and assessment and gives opportunity for a range of intelligences to be explored and utilised.

It is intended students will take a lead in driving their own learning and engage in different creative exercises that extend them beyond their comfort zone.

It is important to note the exercises are only a framework and should be adapted to meet the needs and interests of your learners. The exercises are designed so they can be delivered sequentially or individually and each exercise is divided into learning concepts.

This is an integrated unit of work and covers several ACARA learning areas, strands and outcomes, the VELS Domains and Standards are also listed, to recognise the “working document” status of the National Curriculum and ensure teachers are able to make links between the two.